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Why are more and more customers asking for an LTI connection?

Recently, we have seen that there are fewer and fewer Learning Management Systems (LMS) that support SCORM packages. This is a notable development, as this has been the standard for a long time. Now more and more customers are asking for an LTI connection. LTI stands for Learning Tools Interoperability and is also called an LTI connection.

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Using an LTI connection eliminates the need for customers to keep SCORM packages in-house. In this blog we explain why it is useful to offer an LTI connection and whether it is possible to set up such a connection yourself.

The advantages of an LTI connection

Clients don't just ask for an LTI connection, because this way of working has many advantages. Not only for them, as an LTI consumer, but also for you as a provider (LTI provider). Among other things, when using our LTI Provider Service you get a handy platform on which you can monitor and manage various e-learning modules. Read more about the benefits of an LTI connection here.

Not having to manage the SCORM packages in-house anymore is also very nice for the LTI consumer. It saves a lot of storage space and you comply more easily with the AVG legislation. An LTI connection is encrypted and password protected.

Set up an LTI connection yourself

Do your customers ask for an LTI connection because they no longer want to manage the modules themselves? Or do you design your own e-learnings and want to offer them online? Then it is possible to create your own LTI connection. However, that's a pretty tricky process. You have a few different options.

  • Setting up your own server that hosts the LTI provider tool. Your own modules can then be hosted on this self-built server. This requires a lot of technical knowledge and expertise.
  • Have your L&D department create an LTI provider tool using an external company, such as SCORMCLOUD. The disadvantage here is that you then have to deal with a U.S. server, which can cause problems in terms of AVG compliance
  • You can hire an external developer to build a server for you. You can then configure this server for your customers using your own modules.
  • Your customers can extend their LMS with the ability to set up an LTI connection. This option is the least realistic option, because many LMS vendors do not offer LTI connections.

It can be more simple with LTI Provider Service.

The easiest way to meet your clients' demands is with our LTI Provider Service. This platform makes it very easy to work with an LTI connection, without you having to work on setting up a new server or hosting packages yourself. We do all that for you!

Not quite sure if an LTI connection is exactly what you're looking for? Then schedule our free demo. You'll quickly find out if our solution is the solution to your problems!

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