Linqur - Training center LTI implementation

Example: Training center implementation

You are experts in your field and create your own SCORM packages. Your clients want to embed your courses into their own academies (LMS), therefore you need LTI.

  • Solution
  • Upload all SCORM-packages to Linqur and embed using LTI
Protect your IP
No more need to send out your SCORM-package and lose control. Stay in control of your intellectual property with Linqur.
Easy setup
Connect as many customers as you want. No technical knowledge!
Contract management
Manage access to your educational content based on the customers contract. Limit access duration or number of users allowed.
Easy invoicing
Just a monthly report per customer to invoice based on usage or automate invoicing using our API.
No need to send out your SCORM-package, protect your IP with Linqur.

Avoid costly projects

Your customers are looking to seamlessly incorporate our courses into their existing learning platforms, emphasizing the need for LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) compatibility. We understand that budgetary considerations are crucial. The thought of building LTI Provider capabilities from the ground up can be overwhelming. That's why we offer a solution tailored to your unique requirements—efficient, effective, and economically sound.

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Avoid big IT projects

Plug-and-play. LTI is easy to implement and our platform makes integration in your ECO system easy.

Don't use confusing user interfaces

This platform is not only for the IT crowd. Our user friendly is built and optimized to be accessible for users at any level.

Keep using your SCORM-packages

Simply upload all courses to Linqur and implement using the industry standard LTI protocol.

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Why use the Linqur platform?

Linqur isn't just a solution; it's a commitment to enhancing your educational delivery:

  • Restrict the number of users that is allowed to view a SCORM-package or tool.
  • Limit time period.
  • Monitor usage per Tool and make sure you.
  • No need to send out your SCORM-package, keep your IP to yourself.
  • Let your clients embed your courses into their LMS seamlessly. No additional passwords needed.
  • Your clients can see how their employees perform in their own reports.
  • Update SCORM-packages without having to send it to your client.


Choosing Linqur translates to advantages that elevate your e-learning delivery:


Linqur streamlines your workflow, provided your platform is already LTI consumer-ready.

With Linqur, you can:


We believe in a personalized approach, ensuring that our solution aligns with your needs:

  1. Free Demo and Matching: Let’s explore your objectives and technical requirements. We'll give you a comprehensive tour of the platform and its capabilities, providing clear answers to all your queries.
  2. Test the Connection: Before any commitments are made, test-drive the platform. Experience full access to all features, alongside our unwavering support—cost-free. Feel free to experiment with the API.
  3. Contracting: Once you’re completely satisfied, we'll formalize our partnership with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and a Data Processing Agreement (DPA).
  4. One-Time Setup and Onboarding: Get set for launch! Our support team will guide you every step of the way, available through email, phone, chat, or video call.
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We are especially happy about the Linqur support team! They are very always ready to go the extra mile.

Your Investment

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t need your own LMS to start using the Linqur platform.
No, SCORM-packages can only be made available via an LTI tool.
Yes, the number of allowed registrations to a tool can either be limited or unlimited. Once the limit has been reached, it can be changed to allow for more registrations.
Yes, succes/failure and grades are sent to your clients platform.
No, you can connect as many platforms as you like. It is possible to service all your clients via the LTI.
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