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What are the benefits of an LTI connection?

You want to share e-learning packages with your customers, but you dont know how to in a secure and easy way. In that case, an LTI connection is the solution. But what exactly is such a connection, and what are the advantages? We explain this in this blog, so you can get started as an LTI provider.

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What is LTI?

LTI stands for Learning Tools Interoperability. It is a way of sharing e-learning courses with customers, without having to send the course files (SCORM packages). Customers can use your courses in their own digital learning environment via a secure connection.

As an LTI provider you make your modules available to an LTI consumer. Those LTI consumers often have their own digital learning platform that they already use. It doesn't matter whether that's a learning management system (LMS), electronic learning environment (ELO), or digital learning environment (DLO). That's no problem at all, because with an LTI connection you make implementing e-learning courses very easy.

What advantages do you have as an LTI provider?

Sharing e-learning modules without sending the SCORM packages is not the only advantage of an LTI connection. As an LTI provider, you have many other benefits that make your job a little easier. We list them for you:

  1. Manage all your SCORM packages in one place;
  2. Update SCORM packages without customer intervention;
  3. Need less communication with your clients as you don't need to send files;
  4. Easily view reports on the use of your e-learnings;
  5. Lower management costs;
  6. Determine the number of users yourself by issuing licenses.

As an LTI provider, it is therefore not only very easy to share modules with customers, but also to manage, modify and renew your offerings suddenly via a central platform.

What are the advantages for an LTI consumer?

An LTI connection is not only interesting for you as a provider, but also has advantages for your customers. Many Learning Management Systems today do not support SCORM packages, which leaves your customers in trouble. With an LTI connection, that's a thing of the past. Here are the benefits for LTI consumers:

  1. No more in-house SCORM packages;
  2. No storage space required in the in-house LMS;
  3. Easily add new modules through LTI;
  4. Results of modules can be viewed in their own LMS;
  5. Updating e-learning modules no longer takes time.

For your customers (LTI consumers), offering modules and keeping track of the results becomes a lot easier. An LTI connection therefore has advantages for all parties!

Does an LTI connection also have disadvantages?

The only disadvantage of an LTI provider tool is that setting up the connection is a difficult job. In this blog you can read more about setting up a secure connection yourself.

Don't have the time or expertise to set up an LTI provider tool? LTI Provider Service is happy to help. The LTI Provider platform is specifically designed for organizations that want to share e-learning via an LTI. Request a short demo to see exactly how the Provider Service works and what it can do for you as an LTI provider.

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