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What is LTI?

LTI focuses on connecting learning systems in a standard way. It stands for Learning Tools Interoperability. With LTI, a learner logs into an LMS (called an "LTI tool consumer") and selects a link to play the e-learning. They are then seamlessly launched into a small tool (an "LTI tool provider") in an iframe or new browser. To set up this process, the LTI tool provider (us in this case) provides a URL, key and secret, which we send to the LMS administrator to upload into the LMS. What is good about this experience is that LTI retains the user experience of the LTI tool provider.

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What is SCORM?

SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model and is aimed at launching training content and tracking interactions. It specifies the communication method between e-learning platforms and content; if both support SCORM, everyone will be able to work together comfortably. From a reporting perspective, SCORM e-learning will typically report completion, pass or fail status, score and total time to the LMS.


  • Content playback: LTI is a standard way to connect learners within an LMS to e-learning content launched on another platform. SCORM courses are uploaded into and played back within the LMS.
  • Governance: LTI is created and maintained by IMS; SCORM by ADL.
  • Use: LTI is used primarily by those in academia and higher education. SCORM is mostly used by companies and government agencies.

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